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XXL Challenge 2013

A day of sweat, blood and tears (okay we're exaggerating) - 12 contestants fought it out on the dining table during the annual Peperoni Pizzeria XXL 21-inch pizza eating challenge. 

The winner, Zermatt Neo, managed to clinch first place just by a few crumbs ahead of the 1st runner up, clocking in the record breaking 16 minutes and 6 seconds! NOW WHO'S READY FOR OUR 2014 CHALLENGE?

Zermatt XXL

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XXL Challenge 2013 Contenders



 Registration has closed for Peperoni's XXL Challenge 2013. There was an overwhelming response and we thank you for the support! It was so hard to pick just 13 contenders!

But alas, 13 contenders have emerged and they will be challenging each other to finish our 21-inch pizza the fastest!