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Peperoni Launches The Pizza Collective

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Stepping away from tradition, but still carrying the emphasis on quality like his big brother Peperoni Pizzeria, The Pizza Collective (TPC) that was launched mid-2015 at Bugis+ #01-12, engages diners with a create-your-own pizza experience with a generous selection of unique and playful toppings.

Diners no longer have to forgo their preferred toppings when dining with friends!

To create your own pizza, simply make your way to the assembly line and select as many toppings as you like before letting your piping hot creation sizzle to perfection in a traditional stone hearth oven.

TPC does not set a limited to the number of toppings you decide to place on your pizza. In short, unlimited topping are allowed at no additional cost!

Diner will be spoilt for choice with 2 types of dough (herb or original), 37 toppings and 5 unique drizzles to choose from.

Be sure to try their Hot Drizzle, a scintillating spiced blend, or the "Coke" Drizzle, which is a cheeky twist to the household drink.

Spoilt for choice? Diners can also choose from 6 creatively crafted signature pizzas.

In a playful execution of east meets west, KIMKY marries the piquant Korean kimchi with the comforting cheesy slice for a surprising treat that lingers on your tongue.

Looking for some local fare? Tuck into TPC's Rendang Power, a combination of mozzarella cheese, chicken rending, onions and garnishes with coriander.

For those with a less adventurous palate, try the Pignacolada, which is a classic pairing of white sauce, cheese and succulent bacon.

Dessert pizzas are also available; Apple of my Eye – a medley of luscious apples peppered with ambrosial cinnamon and a crispy thin crust, and Monkey Business, a chocolate-banana pizza to pair with an aromatic cup of coffee or refreshing cider.

Find out more here: http://www.thepizzacollective.com/


Hi All,

We will not be offering delivery on the following dates and location during Hari Raya Holidays!

1.     17 July 2015: Binjai Park, Zion Road, Frankel Avenue

2.     18 July 2015: Zion Road and Frankel Avenue

3.    19 July 2015: Zion Road and Frankel Avenue

However, takeaway services will still be available. We apologize for the inconvenience caused!