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‘Tis The Season To Indulge And To Be Jolly



Start your festive feasting with our Peperoni Christmas Specials!


Introducing our festive-inspired pizza, Roasted Turkey Pizza (M: $22 | L: $28 | XXL: $62)! Jazzed up with Christmassy flavours, our wood-fired pizza is topped with roasted turkey, pigs in blanket, potatoes, mozzarella, chestnut as well as red onion, before finishing it off with cranberry sauce and fresh sage – giving the pizza a perfect balance of sweet and savoury kick. Everything you want for Christmas on top a crispy crust pizza.


Spice up your Christmas celebration with our Chocolate Tart (2 for $12). Filled with Valrhona dark chocolate, pumpkin puree, milk and ground spices, this treat is sure to round up your feast on a decadent note.


Gather around the table and treat your family or friends to our Christmas Bundle ($45). Comprising a Large Roasted Turkey Pizza,  Chicken Wings and two Chocolate Tarts, our bundle is sure to put everyone in the festive mood, filling both tummy and heart.