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Our Philosophy at Peperoni

Ever wondered how that perfect slice of pizza heaven at Peperoni is made? Or what is the rich history and traditional techniques involved in creating beautiful comfort food?

At Peperoni, we value the traditions behind every dish we prepare, and of course this is in the star of our restaurant, the thin crust pizza! 


Who First Gifted the Pizza to the World?

The humble pizza is defined as a dish of flat bread, served with tomato and cheese. Food historians believe that its roots are Middle Eastern and Mediterranean, though it existed then with many different names. The term ‘pizza’ was first seen in ancient texts from the southern Italian town of Gaeta in 997 AD.

Pizzas back then, apparently were part of a tenant’s rent payments to the landlord – 12 pizzas were to be given to the land owner every Christmas Day and another 12 every Easter!


Grandpa of Pizzas

Today, one of our best sellers and staples of any pizzerias worldwide is the Pizza Margherita.

The Margherita, topped with modest amounts of tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and fresh basil leaves was a favorite of Queen Margherita of Savoy because the colours on the pizza evoked the colours of the Italian flag!

The simplicity obliges the use of only the freshest of ingredients, which we at Peperoni excel in. Try it to believe it! 


Our Peperoni Pizza

There are several crucial steps and ingredients that go into making that delectable Peperoni piece of Italian heaven in your hands.

First key step is making the flat bread dough. You will need:

-          All Purpose Flour

-          Yeast

-          Sugar

-          Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Exactly what proportions do we use at Peperoni? That’s a trade secret we’re afraid! Every pizza master chef prefers a certain balance of these ingredients (and even at which point is each ingredient poured into the mixture) but of course at Peperoni, our mixture guarantees only the softest tastiest dough. Not only that, our dough is also made in-house, and not from a central location, which adds to the freshness and crispiness of the pizzas when baked.

Cold water is poured into the mixture, and a dough hook is used to knead the mixture for around 12-15 minutes at very low careful speeds. The texture of the dough will begin to change during the process. Finally the dough is fashioned into desired shapes and then rested in the chiller. 

The chilled dough is then laid on a flat, floured surface and moved by hand with a rolling pin into the desired size, shape and thickness. Peperoni’s chefs get the thickness of the dough just right only after years of experience and dough work!


Next is the fun part – add the desired toppings and ingredients! Remember to balance flavours in every slice of pizza and also to ensure lots of colour and pizzazz!

Then a pizza peel (or shovel to us non-chefs) is used to place the pizza into the pre-heated oven. We’re almost there!

At Peperoni, we use special gas fired ovens that are supplemented by the flames from specially imported flavoured wood chips. The natural gas burners ensure that you don’t have to wait too long to satisfy that pizza craving, while the wood chips give our pizzas that unique flavour and taste in every bite.

As the pizza is baking in the oven, our chef continuously uses the peel to maneuver the pizza and ensure even crisp baking.

Once the cheese is oozing, melted and lightly brown and the crust is golden crisp (can you smell the tastiness yet?), your piece of Peperoni goodness is ready to be served!




Pizza Landing!

The happiest place for a slice of Peperoni pizza is…in your mouth of course! But the journey from the dinner plate to your hungry lips can be a messy one. At Peperoni, we strongly recommend using the most important utensils known to humans – your hands! Go ahead, don’t be shy to pick up that slice of Italian heaven.

Here’s one method we found (after years of pizza experimentation) that works perfect with our thin crust slices of goodness – the half-fold method.

Put the two halves of a slice of pizza together, such that the slice now forms a “U” shape at the crust. Then hold the bottom of the pizza and then direct into waiting lips…all the toppings are kept safe and warm in the slice of pizza as it makes its final journey into your happy mouth!


Next step: Repeat until satisfied!